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Anything But Catholicism Is Atheism

Ouch Chopra got a good spanking…. I pray for him and hopeful he will open his mind and heart to the fullness of Jesus Christ and not just select passages that suite his individual beliefs and help him sell books.

But I am not optimistic this will happen anytime soon… Chopra has opened a door for too many to make their own religion and without really knowing it become atheists. They become their own God which is essentially what atheism is.

Instead of searching for what the truth is, people cling to what comports to there own desires. Chopra offers them a way out of reality with his metaphysical… psychological… mumbo jumbo…. spiritual gobbly goop… making millions doing it .

what a racket…..

New Age and Protestantism are man made religions. They are in fact atheist.. You get to make the rules…you become God

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