Bill with Cardinal Christoph Schonborn
Bill with Cardinal Christoph Schonborn

Why Catholic is a lay-run apostolate dedicated to spreading and teaching the Catholic Faith by helping Catholics better understand their faith, recapturing fallen away Catholics, and engaging Non-Catholics.

How it all started:

Born and raised Catholic, Bill Moran, founder of Why Catholic, turned his back on his faith and led a secular life for most of his later teens and most of his twenties. While attending a business seminar the speaker challenged the participants to think about their spiritual life and invited the participants to write him for more information. Ever wanting to be improve in business, Bill wrote the speaker and shortly afterwards received a small tract/pamphlet on accepting Jesus Christ as your lord and personal savior. The speaker was a “Born Again” Christian. Not understanding the many different Christian denominations at the time, he began attending Mass again.

Bill continued to read Non-Catholic pamphlets and even would regularly watch “Non-Denominational” preachers on Sundays. Conflicted over what the true Christian teaching were, Bill set out on a life long journey of reading and studying and educating himself on the true teachings of Christianity. Along the way Bill developed a knack for explaining some of these teachings in a simple and easy to understand contemporary style that subsequently led to WhyCatholic.com

Our Goal:

WhyCatholic seeks to inspire Catholics to better understand their faith and, as 1 Peter 3:15 says, “to be prepared to give a defense of our belief.” At the same time, WhyCatholic seeks to re-engage the hearts and minds of those who have lost their faith or joined other denominations and help them at last understand “Why Catholic!”

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