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Did Pope Francis Really Praise Lucifer?

There is a video circulating the internet that takes anti-Catholicism to a new low and many people are falling for it. Read why these people are getting it all wrong…

Did Pope Francis Praise Lucifer?

Did Pope Francis praise Lucifer and declare him the Son of God? Yes, but not the Lucifer you’re thinking of.

The devil will do anything to divide followers of Jesus, ANYTHING….


“Beware of the devil, who wants an angry, jealous, divided Church. The Holy Spirit unites, makes us focus on Christ“—Pope Francis

Protestant Pastor admits that there has to be a central teaching authority!!!

Protestant Pastor & Preacher John MacArthur admits that there has to be a central teaching authority otherwise we end up with tens of thousands of different Christian denominations all claiming to be guided by the Holy Spirit teaching the— truth— differently.

Since Jesus can not be the author of confusion we know this can not be possible. And since MacArthur is known for his attacks on the Church Jesus Christ founded, the Universal (Catholic) Church, MacArthur presumably has made himself this authority.

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