Catholicism: “That’s as sane as people can get”

Dr. Jordan Peterson arguably the most recognized psychologist in the world today, discusses Christianity, Suffering, and Sanity with radio talk show host Dennis Prager, a Conservative Jew.

He also offers a profound answer the question: "Do you believe in God?"

As Frank Sheed wrote in his book Theology and Sanity, first published in 1947

"The soul consists of two parts, the will, and the intellect. The will is to love, the intellect is to understand." The man who uses his intellect in religion is using it to see what is truly there. The alternative to seeing what is there, is either not seeing what is there, and this is darkness; or seeing what is not there, and this is error."

The Catholic Church, uniting faith and reason, intellect and will, helps pilgrims on earth to avoid the error and superstition and the purposelessness of pure rationalism.

Now Dr. Jordan Peterson re-articulates that same message. What will you do with it?

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