purgatory Purgatory is one of the most misunderstood teachings of the Catholic church. In simple terms, “Purgatory” is a temporary state for the purification of souls to enter heaven. It is not a last chance to enter heaven. All souls who go to purgatory will go to heaven. Not all souls will go to purgatory.

If heaven is this most awesome place that we can’t even begin to imagine as humans,then what would make us think that anyone of us, no matter how perfect we live our lives on earth, will go directly to heaven?

The word purgatory doesn’t even exist in the bible so it must be a man made idea. The word trinity isn’t in the bible either, yet those doctrines are clearly taught in the bible. So is “Purgatory”.

In Matthew, 12:32, Jesus implies that some sins can be forgiven in the next world, (as an imperfect human here on earth I sure hope so) but there is no sin forgiven in hell and there is no sin in heaven so there must be a purgatory, (or, call it what you want).


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